Friday 6 November 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Contacting Alex for a reading or appointment

Hi Everyone,

I have been getting people ringing up to make bookings and hanging up when they hear a male voice answering them. My husband David answers my phone too, as he is my manager. Please don't  be alarmed thinking it is a wrong number.

David also takes my bookings and arranges my work schedule for me. If you can leave a voice message that would be good, along with a contact number so that either of us  can get back to you as quickly ass possible. Being busy I am not always able to answer the phone due to doing readings, healing or whatever. To check for  the cost of a reading, please scroll down to the very bottom of the blog and you will see the PayPal box with the prices there.

We hope to have a credit card facility in a few weeks time. We will advise everyone in due process of when this will be starting. We intend to have a stall at Psychic Fairs as well as readings and as soon as we have more news it will be posted on the blog.

Hugs,  Alex and David