Saturday, 9 February 2019

Video 121: The Astral, the Akashic Records, and Between Lives Regression...

This is  a very good video from a psychic point of view. For several years this  has been what I had concluded. As I say, never trust what you cannot see. I heard it said once that when we talk to spirit it is basically like an answering service we contact. It is much more sophisticated really though.

One thing though is there are some people that are hanging around in astral and have not gone into the light (soul trap). This is due to guilt, worrying about loved ones, fear or any number of reasons.
Sometimes a person that has died a violent of sudden death can also end up in astral. People with dementia also can also end up in astral and not even know they are dead.

Over the years I have had my share of moving souls on, from murder victims, accidental deaths etc.
They have no real idea of how things work and they need help. But most importantly they need the truth of what is happening and how to free themselves. Without knowing the full situation and options, eventually they will be tricked into going in to the soul trap. back to more suffering and more lies.

Education, truth and empowerment are what we need right now. Before we leave the current incarnation we need to know how to awaken and free ourselves. Should a replacement for the grid be activated before that happens though we may need to  think  about that and how to get around it.

Firm intention and knowing what to do is the key. No interacting with anything on point of death, ignore anything or anyone around you and just head out into the true spiritual universe. Any distraction will be a grave error, acknowledge nothing and speak to no one because that will break your concentration and then you are hooked back into the soul trap.

You are giving off an energy signature or frequency that can be tuned into and therefore you can be vulnerable to being pulled back in to the trap. Remember it is all energy manipulation, you are an onto-energetic being   and once you are in spirit you are still able to be tracked unless you are fully aware and are strong enough to resist the pull.

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