Thursday, 4 December 2014

Life's Awkward Moments At A Funeral

My first psychic experience at a funeral was some what of surprise to me. I was 28 and attending a close friend's funeral. Everything was very sombre as one expects, well until near the end. The priest asked us to think of a happy moment on the man's life and what he meant to us.

This deceased friend had a wicked sense of humour and knew what my sense of humour is like. So lo and behold my dear friend tried to make me laugh. Yup, that's the sort of guy, LOL. I do miss him very much.
He proceeded to remind me of the awkward moment that he had with his Dad a few years before.
My friend came from a devout Catholic family, and there are certain things that one does not say or do.

Well my friend just had to remind me of one of his embarrassing moments with his father and a condom, that his father happened to find on the driveway. His father was disgusted to find this "thing" on his driveway, my friend always one to think fast on his feet managed to get out of a firm lecture, and mocked disgust at such a thing. I will never for get this story as long as I live, but from the events at his funeral. Not him relaying the story at the time to me.

 I had to sit there for 10 minutes trying not to laugh out loud in the church.
As soon as my husband and I got out side the church, I turned to him and said, "Bloody so and so tried to make me laugh in there, I could kill him."

At that stage my husband had not accepted my psychic abilities. He did not know what to say or how to react at that moment. We laugh at it now all these years later. Even in death things are not what they seem. I am well used to putting my foot in it, it is a natural talent that I have. I don't need any help from them on the other side either.

I have only been to a couple of funerals in the past 20 years, and I do see it from a new perspective.
Most of which is amazing to witness and relay to others. When you are out of the physical body, your spirit or light body is quite big. It amazed me the first time that I saw a person do this. The man was superimposed over the whole gathering outside the church, as they all left to go to the burial. At least nothing went on there that was going to make me laugh out loud.  I am grateful for that.

Copyright Alex Fulford 4/12/2014