Sunday 15 December 2019

Psychic notes

When I was learning my skills as Medium the general rule was, with physical mediumship involving ectoplasm care must be taken to keep the physical medium safe. Such as removing all jewellery and the medium must not be disturbed or touched as they can be very seriously injured or burned and it was said that to disturb the physical medium will result in the death of the medium instantly.
There have allegedly been cases of such things happening such as with the Scottish medium Helen Duncan being supposedly accidentally killed in 1956. It has been said she was actually performing physical mediumship demonstration when the police came in to the house and interrupted her. However the Wikipedia article says otherwise.

Helen Duncan  25/11/1896 to 6/12/1956 this article paints a different story. Many spiritualists though just parrot what they have been told without actually witnessing the real facts. So care must be taken when sorting fact from fiction and fact from deception as the Psychic industry does have a few individuals that are not what they claim to be. That can be said about many occupations though.
I have sat in on spiritualist events when this warning was given and Helen Duncan’s case touted as actual fact. No one in the room had ever met her or anyone that actually knew her. Most were not even born when this supposedly took place.

It has been said  rapidly retracting ectoplasm smells as it retracts back into the body.  It supposedly  smells horrible and similar to burned meat or flesh or rotting compost. I cannot verify this as factual though. Perhaps this is Victorian hearsay, or made up to frighten people. So I honestly cannot say if it is actually true or not, but I can tell you I was taught this many years ago by the spiritual church teachers. Again it is all hearsay.
Concrete evidence and recorded images need to be provided along with verifiable written accounts of such events taking place to have any credibility. Indeed it would be amazing to actually witness such a thing if it is genuine.
I have heard it said that ectoplasm will be destroyed by Ultraviolet light but not infrared light, However I do not know anyone that has witnessed this or know anyone that has witnessed this phenomenon. How is it possible?

As far as I am aware there are no physical mediums around these days. I have heard lectures where it has been stated it is no longer necessary to do physical mediumship in modern times because people are more aware and accepting of mediumship. Hmm, I find this odd to be honest, because mediumship has always existed and physical mediumship is not even necessary as proof of survival after bodily death. I personally am a non-believer in the phenomenon of physical mediumship.

However with mediumship, things must be proven by all reasonable doubt and the medium must allow people to question what the medium says. Information must be verifiable, by the sitter/ client (the person that is seeking the assistance of a medium).

A physical description of what they can see and hear word for word. In the case of a foreign language been given by the spirit being, the medium may need to advise the client, that they cannot understand what is being said. It is usually an odd word or two. The rest of the information will come via the medium’s native language. We have no idea how that works, it just happens. My self-included. I will often say to the sitter, I hear a word in your language it starts with such and such. The client will then tell me the word. Sometimes it turns out to be a person’s name or the name of a place.

Aporting and Asporting: Aport means objects disappearing in the physical world from the spirit world.
Asporting is physical things reappearing into the physical world or being moved by an unseen agent or phenomenon. I have witnessed an item moving only twice in my life. A glass that was foolishly used in a Ouija board experiment with my cousins and I back in the late 1970s. I have never taken part in Since and will never take part in such a foolish venture ever again because it is highly dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.

The second time that I saw an item move, was about a year ago, in a public place, an ashtray moved by my late father in law on a table in front of my husband and myself, I could clearly see my father in law sitting on the chair opposite me when it happened.

I have had rings disappear from where I have left them and they have never been returned. In fact it is almost impossible to have items returned. I only know of one person that it has happened to. The object was icy cold on its return.

An other experience that my husband and I had was during a car accident back in 2015 where we were almost killed. I saw my late father in law’s hands come over my husband’s hands on the steering wheel as the event was happening. Both my husband and I heard him say, “don’t worry I’ve got this” And our car came to rest on the other side of the road badly smashed and inches away from a water catchment, which would have killed us. I had no warning of this from spirit until my father in law stepped in to help us.  Now this I find odd, because in the spiritual community it is taken for granted that free will must not be violated. Hmm, then why are we told we can pray to our spirit guide, god etc? Sometimes I feel the rules are very contradictory just like the bible is.

Forms of mediumship can allegedly include intentional materialisation, either partial or full manifestation. This requires a witness to the event but preferably several witnesses.
Ectoplasmic mediumship such as producing a white substance from the mediums body and is verifiable that it is not cheesecloth or such substance. I personally have not ever seen such a thing and I am very sceptical of the actual phenomenon actually being possible.

Intracentral trance control, this is basically mediumship done via a clairvoyant in trance. This can supposedly involve a pulling sensation in the solar plexus and supposedly ectoplasm. I am a trained but natural trance medium. I am firmly against such things and learned this reluctantly. I have not and will not use it since the workshop I attended. I was horrified by the experience, but I had warned a colleague against such things prior to her insisting that I go with her.  I told her something bad will happen and sure enough it did, to me and not her , she was rather indifferent about what happened to me and laughed it off.
I am what is termed a clairvoyant medium, so I see, hear and feel, smell, taste and experience things on a psychic level.

I have done automatic writing though I am no longer willing to do so, for the reason the clairvoyant or psychic person has no real control of who comes through and what they may say or do. The clairvoyant medium can also end up with an entity or energy attachment. Some of which can be so subtle that they will not even be aware of it happening. However other people will notice a sudden change in the person’s behaviour. The first reaction from the person with the attachment will of course be denial. That would be a normal reaction of course, however if the person is aware of it happening there is absolutely no doubt what so ever.  I strongly advise people to leave this alone it can be and is a dangerous pastime which engages the ego and takes over. Usually with a rather malevolent spirit.

I have experienced an energy attachment only twice in my life time and thankfully was trained in how to clear this. I am not sure if this is actually taught in all spiritual churches, as I learned what I needed and discontinued attending spiritualist events. So I cannon honestly say if it is a mandatory teaching or not. I do know that not many people will willingly take on this role, and I totally understand why. It is a magnet for trouble trust me. Anyone that says they can do this needs to prove that they are trained and competent in the process also.

Classic signs of an entity or energy attachment are usually a sudden feeling of dizziness, feeling off balance suddenly for no reason and a sudden confusion of thoughts and a sudden feeling of anger that just happens for no apparent reason out of the blue. These things happen at once and not separately.  Occasionally there will be a change in the person’s facial expression that is noticeable and sometimes the eyes are different, such as a second pair of eyes being seen or a manic look in the eyes.

This can be cleared easily by a trained professional. However one must not make the mistake of mental illness and energy attachments. Yes it is possible for both to happen to a person, but first and foremost a person must seek medical assistance. Here I must caution readers, because the medical profession do not acknowledge the psychic phenomenon, but seeking professional medical help is a must. It is not negotiable, seek that help and then seek a trained professional in entity removals. Time is vital in both instances because self-harm is most certainly on the cards.

Both Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung were indeed into the psychic phenomenon. That says something right there! Also an American psychiatrist has publicly stated there is a link with mental illness with entity attachments in some cases. Again I insist on seeking proper medical help first and foremost.

I do not think using psychic abilities for “entertainment purposes” is the ethical or moral thing to do for me personally. I do not have the right to say others should not do this though, it is up to the individual and those that wish to participate in these events.

I take what I do seriously, I mean no disrespect to others in my line of work. I am obliged by law, to state that readings and mediumship is for entertainment only, some of my colleagues find it offensive. I must admit that I used to at one time also, now however I totally get where the law is coming from. Gladly my work speaks for itself. I do feel sad though when people do have a bad experience with a psychic, as it casts a dim light on the rest of us honest hard working psychics.

The rule of the thumb is always check the credentials prior to booking an appointment and please be open and relaxed when the reading or mediumship is being conducted or you will block the energy which results in a poor quality reading or it can prevent the loved on in spirit making contact with the medium.  Mediumship requires the medium not be put under any stress to perform or it won’t work. This is about finely tuned energy which you cannot turn on like the flick of a switch.
The medium has to relax and prepare for the mediumship or even a psychic reading. The psychic must not be used to psychically spy on others because that is wrong and unethical. Most psychics will refuse to do this anyway.

A good psychic will not tell you about someone dying, because that is also unethical and irresponsible. There is no need to ever frighten anyone. That is a horrible thing to do and Yes, I have had it done to me and it had a very bad effect on my family. Members of Psychic associations generally will never do such a thing, it is usually the psychics that are not professionals that will do this.

This also can pre programme a person for something that is avoidable, because as they dwell on the issue they can manifest it by thought intention unwittingly.  It is important for people to have a strong sense of self and be self-empowered, because when you submit to another person’s opinion that is when things can happen. Like the hypnotic power of suggestion or NLP Neurolinguistic (invented  by the CIA ) programming, which is downright evil.

As I say a strong sense of the self, and that has nothing to do with having a big ego. It means setting your boundaries and knowing within yourself who you are. A good strong aura and sense of self stops the negativity of others in their tracks.

Stay safe and stay informed!

Copyright Alex Fulford, December 2019