Monday 16 December 2019

St Andrew's Day 2019

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Today 30th November is St Andrew's day, the patron saint of Scotland (and several other nations too)

Reading the history of St Andrew and his remains being brought to Scotland, I am skeptical of the reasons he was brought to Scotland, to me it smells of occultism, and the true reasons are known by only powerful people in secret societies of Scotland and wherever else they are connected to.
Notice the term fishers of men in the bible, could this be to do with the constellation of pisces, and also secret teachings in astrology and esoteric teachings.

The cross of St Andrew is the feminine cross representing the divine feminine spiritual energy and also the left hand side of the human body, the cross like a plus sign is male spiritual energy and represents the right side of the human body. I would venture to say there is a secret nod to Mary Magdalene here.

Why would someone with nothing to do with Scotland be made a saint of a place he was not born in nor lived in? We are talking about bloodlines and powerful families of which most people are not  even aware of and their control of humanity.

In Scotland the powerful blood lines named are the Sinclair and St Clair (pronounced as Sinkler in Scotland) and the other powerful name that comes to mind is Stuart/ Stewart. Hamilton is of the Stuart blood line too and  of the Merovingian bloodline.

In reality people just like something to celebrate without knowing the real history. They have no idea of the energy harvesting involved in this ritual either. In fact the ignorant masses would just laugh at that, but it is very real and these Merovingian bloodlines are highly trained in the esoteric arts.  This is why the royal families of the world work with the female bloodline and always have done.  These are strong Satanic bloodlines and blood rituals are part of their everyday life as is paedophilia. This has gone on for thousands of years and will never be stopped.

Wes Penre has covered this in his research also. The human race are being manipulated by evil individuals to take sides in their family feud, it has nothing to do with us, and the last thing we should be doing is praying to beings that energy harvest us and all their evil bloodlines cause us nothing but misery. The bible is about their control over humanity, these so called saints are anything but saintly or spiritually pure. They are in allegiance to either team red or team blue and that goes for politics too. Why else would the main two political parties of the western world adopt those colours too?
Everything is controlled by the bloodlines and always will be.
Flags sporting the colours red, white and blue or green, white and red are also a hint to those that control us. Read the colours as red hair, blue or green eyes and white skin. We are not talking of normal human beings, we are talking a particular bloodline that is far removed from any of us.