Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Card Of The Month; June, Queen of Wands

Yes I know it's a bit late in posting, I have been busy and the old Fybro knocking me about :P
Any way, I just felt I was letting everyone down by not getting my little ditty on the blog.

The Queen of wands represents among other things spiritual growth, love, compassion and wisdom.
The energy is a loving motherly energy to all of humanity, the Queen of wands also represents a person that feels things very deeply. Very timely too for those suffering, especially those that are suffering loss at present, when a loved one passes to spirit.
This card reminds us to accept the love and compassion being offered to us.

Notice the Queen sitting on her throne, she is looking to the left hand side, which is the feminine side of duality and the mother goddess (divine feminine). In her left hand she holds a sun flower looking bright and radiant as the sun.  
The sunflower represents  the radiant sun's energy, life force, loyalty, longevity spiritual faith, healing, magic and focus.

In the Queen's right hand is a wand with fresh green sprigs of leaves. The wand is a natural conductor of energy, it represents wisdom , growth, expansion . The right hand side is male energy, which is evenly balanced with the feminine energy.

Notice the four lions in the image, two above her in the tapestry and two flanking her. As above so is below, representing the star sign and constellation  Leo. The royal sign which is often seen on a coat of arms which also alludes to the constellation of Leo.
Having four lions sitting in this position reminds me of the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west. The element is fire also summertime (northern hemisphere)

The little black cat in the forefront of the card represents feminine intuition. Kitty is guarding the Queen from danger too.
One other thing that pops into  my mins looking at the card is the number three. Notice three leaves on the sunflower, three mountains on her right hand side and on the wand there are three sprigs  of leaves all add up to nine.  Which is male energy and communication. It is a strong number. The Queen in other works is strong, she has her gentle side but cross her and you will be sorry, she is capable of crushing those that do the wrong thing. 

Looking at the Queens clothes notice the bright yellow robe matching her crown. This not just represents joy, it represents the sun, spirituality, wisdom and freedom. Her white cloak represents spiritual purity. She is the guardian and protector of her domain her on earth. The Queen has very strong moral and spiritual foundations, she carefully weighs up the situation before reacting. But the reaction is very carefully measured.

Now bringing it down to us personally, the card reminds us to act with the same virtues as the Queen of Wands. Stand up for what you believe in but be flexible. Show love and compassion to all life. 
June is a month for some to seek knowledge and wisdom, such as education or legal advice. Hey may be even asking your mum or grand mother for advice. It guarantees answers to current problems.

Lets hope it is a good outcome for everyone.

Blessings,  Alex