Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Study Shows This Vitamin Helps Prevent Depression

 Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world We Australians are exposed to the sun every day, yet we are showing up with Vit D deficiency, even out door workers.

It makes me wonder if the tests are fake. Aussies are famed for the outdoor lifestyle. Gee, just 15 mins in the sun each day is enough sun exposure. Think about when you are hanging out the washing or watering your garden. Do not use the SPF sun screens by the way they do stop you getting vit D from the sun.

The smart thing to do is avoid the sun in the middle of the day, 11am to 3pm. Any other time is safe to get your dose of sun shine. To sit in the sun and tan for hours is crazy, you will end up looking 20 years older than you are, not to mention the risk of skin cancer. I know women that are younger than me and look like they are in their 40's or 50's from being in the sun too long. I am almost 50 and have few wrinkles. You just can't get the message through to some people though. Sun smart is the way to go, wear a sun hat or carry a parasol, they are back in fashion now.