Thursday, 10 November 2011

Want to quit smoking without any withdrawal?

If you are trying to give up smoking, and have failed every time. Good news is at hand, the easy way without suffering withdrawal symptoms and craving, is with Australian Bush Flower Essences.

My son has just come through this with no ill effects, I am glad to say. He has weak lungs and mild asthma. For the past 2 years he has been coughing like an old man, and only started smoking 3 years ago.

He was warned not to start in the first place. But since when do young people listen to their parents.

So I put him on the Australian Bush Flower Essences, which was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. This was just weeks before I decided to take up the study my self by the way.

To cut a long storey short, I went to the store and they made up the bottle containing, Boronia, Bottle Brush, Southern Cross and Emergency Essence. The Emergency Essence was to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Two weeks later and no coughing like an old man, no craving what so ever.

I now have my practitioners kit to make all my Essences at home. I am using them myself  to treat a long term health issue and am feeling the results. I shall not be treating the general public until my certificate comes in the mail of course. I shall advise the public as soon as I am qualified legally.

Please be assured that these Essences are in no way harmful, addictive, and have no negative qualities to them. They are spiritually charged, however, which is also highly beneficial to everyone world wide.  That is the most important thing about them.

You do not need to worry about them interfering with any medication that you are on either. Many doctors around the world are using these too.

They are also being used to help people withdraw from drugs too, with good results.

If you wish to learn more about these wonderful Essences please take a look at the website here.

They are the future in natural therapies, and what is also unique about them is they work on the subtle bodies or energy field/aura.
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. We need many people to take up this wonderful therapy.

Ian White, is a very lucky man to have been given this gift from the spirit world to share with Humanity and the Animal kingdom.