Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cancer doctors lack empathy for patients

Well shut my mouth, there's a surprise .....NOT!

It's all about the money. You will find these people also have very poor interpersonal skills at the best of times too. To blame it on there busy work schedule is utter BS. The individuals just lack these warm human qualities period.

Take a look at how they are when they enter med school, and why they are there in the first place. That is part of the answer. Some people are highly intelligent and are high achievers, but don't have the warm and fuzzy thing going on. A Human being needs to understand emotions and have good communication skills, including eye contact and listening to the patients. Many Doctors switch off to what the patients are saying. They should not be any where near sick people period.

Speaking from personal experience, with different doctors over the years in different areas of medicine.
I feel there should be a psychology test to see who is suitable for pubic contact, and who is better suited to research or surgery etc. Some don't communicate with women as an equal, some think that they are above other people in general. In my young life I have seen doctors as a patient and also in a work capacity. Some are nice people, but the majority have an " us and them "mentality. My husband has been round them due to serious illness from the age of 21 and will need to be for the rest of his life.  

They do not like to be questioned about their diagnosis and prognosis. They expect people to be in awe of them. Now if that isn't a wee bit of  a God complex then I don't know what is.
I have seen some screw up and nothing happens to them. I personally have had surgery screwed up and  ended up being further out of pocket to have the surgery re done 12 months later, I wish that I could name and shame because I would in a heartbeat,  if I wasn't afraid of a rich bastard suing me for telling the truth.

As far as I am concerned each individual doctor must earn trust with each individual that the are treating. They need to learn that the world does not evolve around them. Doctors are the worst bloody patients too when they are ill, and are notorious for bullying nurses. Gee, just makes me think of the Canberra hospital.