Sunday, 6 November 2011

Half of all hospital rooms contaminated with deadly superbugs

Talk about primitive life forms eewwwww! This is how the 19th Century doctors behaved.
Trust me I have been in many hospitals over the years and  some of the health standards are disgusting.
Back in  1991, I took my 18 month old son in to a Western Sydney hospital's ER late one night  in respiratory distress, two days later he was re-admitted with gastroenteritis, which he contracted at that hospital during his over night stay. A baby can die from gastroenteritis.

When he was in the ward, the heating was up high, and carpeted floors, which is a great bacteria trap in a hospital. On top of that, children wandering around an infection ward without supervision.
Disposable diapers/nappies piled high in the garbage bin as well. All of this is highly infectious.

Did you know back in Medieval times sewerage was used as an early form of Biological warfare, so just think about that in the children's ward with a 18 month old baby. I didn't know that I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time either. I did get sick too, thanks to the poor hygiene in that particular hospital.

Visiting  a Sydney hospital this year I was disgusted to see the amount of staff and general public not using hand sanitisers that are placed everywhere. On saying that, I checked some of them and found them empty. I have always carried tissues and hand sanitiser gel in my hand bag, from the moment my children came along because I am quite aware of the lack of hygiene that many people exhibit.

We are talking about lazy people that are highly educated here as well as the general public visiting hospitals. There is no excuse for this lazy sloppy attitude. No wonder insurance premiums are so high  for some doctors.

I totally agree with J Benson on this. But again Olive leaf extract and black cumin seed oil can save your life too. So when you have infection think about using these along with the medications prescribed by your doctor, you must follow the doctors instructions. Please buy good quality probiotics and take them after  the antibiotics too. This will speed up the recovery process and put back the good intestinal bacteria that one needs to maintain good intestinal health. The human body should be alkaline to stay healthy. When the acid levels rise illness happens.

Did you know back in the days of the Bubonic Plague they used garlic to kill off the infection. Garlic is still a great choice, cooking with garlic is a great taste and also helps fight disease as a blood purifier.  Just remember to eat raw parsley after eating garlic to take away the odour that many people find socially unpleasant. Why not grow some in your garden. Parsley is also high in Vitamin C and is a good blood purifier too.

People need to get back to basics on health issues. Grandma knew best with her home remedies after all she lived long enough to help you didn't she. So why not start a basic herb garden of your own be it in pots or right into the ground. It will save you time and money, not to mention it is a culinary accompaniment too.  I would be lost with out mine.