Tuesday, 19 December 2017

More Evidence Of Satanic Ritual Abuse In The Entertainment Industry


Remember the post I wrote about the occult with celebrities? Take a look, at this one. Though its not mentioned in the blog articale above, the song, Somewhere over the rainbow, is about mind control (Mk Ultra/ Project Monarch). Rainbows are a symbol for Lucifer also, as is the dove.

Nothing is what we think it is . This  is a subject that I try to avoid really, due to the heavy negativity. I do not want to draw this evil to myself,  so I try to avoid posting too much about this subject.

I do not know how much truth is in this actual post that I have  up the top here, but the fact is that it does goes on, it is evil and downright sick.

I can tell you that it affects the psychic industry very much, and in no way do I seek fame and fortune.  I prefer a family life and value my spirituality. My spirituality can never be taken from me.

I do not want to dwell on this, only to say that it is very real. I know many people in the Psychic industry around the world and I can honestly tell you that I have seen and experienced some things that have shocked me and served as a warning to stay grounded and keep as spiritually clean as I can. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do so.

There is definitely no going back when you go down this path, and I personally have had warnings. I listened and backed off.  The price paid is very high and that can include ones life and sanity let me tell you.

Do not invoke that which you do not understand, leave that to the dark ones like Hollywood. Holly wood, as in what a wizard's wand is made from. Yes, the name is no accident. It's all in the "spell -ing"  words just like numbers carry a vibrational frequency.

For an example of the dark-side of the industry, the tv show X factor, is a classic occult show. With the full on symbology.

Reality shows are not real at all or the standard must watch reality cooking shows, talent shows  etc. They are full of subliminal's and are energy harvesting also.
People do not understand this concept, because they are not "in the know" on how this works.  It is exactly the same deal with public events where everyone meets at a particular place, and the energy is given off by the public. Be it happiness or anger. Energy can be used and manipulated for any purpose what so ever and is thus  used in ritual magic.

Always say stay on the path of righteousness and you can't go wrong.