Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Wes Penre Discussion Board/Forum

I just thought of adding this discussion board/forum link here for those that are interested in interacting with Wes and others; to discus metaphysics and other topics. I do think it is a very interesting forum with rather broad minded people, and you will learn a lot from reading and interacting with the individuals that participate. Bear in mind many of them are not psychic and are not able to perceive the things that I see and this is their opinions. Your opinions are just as valid and just as important as the next persons.

I must say though some of the meditations that people engage in are a waste of time and I do not recommend them at all. I feel they lead you up a blind alley spiritually speaking, and do not really offer you anything spiritually beneficial. I have been there and know from experience and do not endorse this practise.

 I will not endorse anything that I will not do myself and I believe in a strong duty of care to others. Should you do this please gold light and use as much spiritual protection as you can and do NOT under any circumstances make any agreement with any beings what so ever. I cannot stress this enough again from experience.

Now while I do read his work and have much respect for Wes, I do not get involved in anything to do with other writers that he talks about. I do have the occasional brief conversation with Robert Morningstar though via Facebook chats.


UPDATE: Wes has pulled the forum for personal reasons back in March 2018.