Friday, 1 December 2017

Slinky Comes Home

We finally got our precious Mr Slinky home last night. We should have had him back 10 days ago. However there was a mix up with our phone numbers at the emergency vet clinic. The old numbers had not been updated, despite the paperwork supplied on the day of Slinky's  death having all current information.

It has been a long unhappy wait for us, almost 3 weeks come Sunday. I cannot fault the care given to Slinky by the vet, she was very compassionate and loving and the wonderful nurses in attendance.

We finally have closure and our little man is officially home with us. Daisy and Garfield gave Slinky's urn a sniff of approval when they got to check it out. Slinky now takes his place with his other siblings in our china cabinet. Sad to say they were what we lovingly nick named " Le club hairy boy". All of them reunited for ever in love and peace.