Saturday, 23 December 2017

My New Handbag From Baba Studio

I just spoilt myself with an other nice little silk bag from
I now have three of these pretty bags. The main bag is made of silk, but the picture panel is synthetic
because that is how the picture is preserved without flaws.

Baba studio were in Prague, in the Czech republic  but have relocated to Ireland as that is where the owner comes from. Have a look at their website, it is full of beautiful merchandise. Over the years I have bought several tarot bags for my 10 decks of tarot cards. I have the Bohemian messenger bag with the tabby cat reading the tarot on the front which I use a lot and now three little silk bags for going out. I may just end up buying one of the clutches too, lol.

The above image is called Princess Hyacintha, by Alphonse Mucha   it has a silver backing. I can't wait to use it.