Sunday 25 January 2015

Paranormal activity in homes after the death of a loved one

Paranormal happenings in houses after a death in the family is not un common. Many people I have spoken to and many people that I know, have told me over the years of events happening in their homes after a loved one dies. Some times people feel the presence of the loved one just after the person passes to spirit. I myself have had such experiences over the years and so has my mother.

I can remember when my mum's father died, the clock stopped working in the lounge room. This is quite a common thing as it turns out, but no one knows why. At the time of a person passing to spirit many people are visited by the deceased person. My mum was visited by her father in spirit as she lay in bed that night. He was like a mist at the bottom of the bed. Mum knew right away what had happened. Shortly after that my uncle came to inform my mum that their father had died.

My mum always felt or heard the person at the point of death. It used to amaze me as a child. I started to pick up on this by the age of 16. These days I either see my loved one in dream form or they come direct to me. I see and hear them. A friend of mine from years ago passed away just before Christmas, I was so blessed to have her come to me to say good bye.

Around the same time as this, a dear friend of mine lost her mother. Paranormal activity started to happen from the get go. But it wasn't her mother doing it, it was her father. She had a lovely big mirror in her bed room, come off the wall and break. Now this is a very big heavy mirror, which had 3 hooks to hold it up. Then a sister of hers had a lamp in her bedroom fall over and smash. No one was in the bed room when the lamp was smashed. My friends sister heard the noise and went into the room to see what happened. Lights have been going off and on and other strange things in both of their houses.

This activity was done in anger by my friend's late father. I have no idea why though. I did speak to him and tell him it is wrong to do this. Interfering with the living is against cosmic/spiritual law.
I told him he has been in spirit long enough to know this. I could see my friend's mother standing beside him. She was telling him to listen to what I am saying. Which I am grateful for. So far nothing else has happened.

Some people when they pass to the other side can be heard walking in loved ones houses. Footsteps in hall ways etc. Coughing  and the sound of a person coming home from work are other things that people report having experienced. I know a lady who's father died at the end of last year and she can smell him cooking in her kitchen. That started pretty much as soon as he passed to spirit.
Some people find these things distressing while others take comfort in the events. Depending on the relationship on has had with  the deceased and the individual spirit being expressing them selves.

I have an uncle that passed away 20 years ago, he was a very funny man. I thought the world of him.
He passed suddenly of a heart attack. He popped over here to say goodbye to me. The day was an average day for me and my two small children. I had just had a shower and was in my bedroom getting dressed. I was standing near my mirror, when suddenly I heard a male voice quite loud saying , "oh you look beautiful love".  In a joking voice. I turned around with a start to see who was there. Then I looked out the window, god knows what I expected to see, lol. The street was empty and quiet. So I just started to get dressed, when  I felt a smack on the bum. That did it. I turned round again rather annoyed. Then it dawned on me what happened. Just a tad slow on the uptake lol.
Well five minutes later the phone rang. It was my brother to tell me my Uncle had just died. I said yes I know he's here. I told him what had happened, I don't remember what my brother said after that though. But these days I can freak him out...hey it is a talent I have :P

I should point out that my late uncle served in the Royal Navy during WW2, he was over here in Australia for a spell, at Woolloomooloo naval base and Warwick Farm NSW. I lived in  a military area when my uncle came to visit me in spirit. I also used to live in Warwick farm as a teenager, how funny is that. He told me about his time in Australia many years ago when I was over in Scotland I must have been 19 at the time. Life is often stranger than fiction as they say.

Many years from now I intend to write a book to share my experiences in and hopefully some good advice for psychic people that may read the book. We will have to wait and see what will comes. I am sure that my wonderful loved ones in spirit will be there to guide me in the project and also share in the experience too. After all we are a working team, it isn't just me. There are many in spirit working through me and they must be acknowledged for their efforts and loving help too. No psychic should ever claim that it is all their work, it is always a team effort with spirit and the physical world being.

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