Thursday, 22 January 2015

When is it ok to abuse or insult psychic? Bottom isn't !!

OK, folks I will say this once and once only. There is something that we Psychics and Clairvoyants find rude and offensive.

A phone call from a random person wanting to know if you are any good. The person will usually ask for a demonstration of our skills and abilities over the phone.  Now this is the height of ignorance, what gives any one the right to say this sort of thing??

Do you phone a doctor or a solicitor and ask them these questions? No of course not. Why not?
Because it is down right rude and ignorant, that's why not. It is also a fundamental lack of respect. They would more than likely tell you  not to come to them, and perhaps also tell you, they are not the professional person for you. I totally agree with that.

Just two days at the most, after my 2013 Psychic of the year award was given to me, a woman rang me around 8pm and started laying into me. She wanted me to tell her, how long I was reading for. Fair enough I told her, and told her my family are all psychic. That was not good enough for her. She had a "good friend that was a well known psychic".  Quite clearly this lady was just out to cause trouble, her negativity was so over whelming. She said it cuts no ice that you won that award.

What a charmer I thought. My husband could hear her shouting down the phone at me. He said just hang up on her. I gave him that look, Yes, I will dear. Still this dark haired woman went on at me.

I  could tell a hell of a lot about her on he phone in the couple of minutes,(including the fact that she was calling from Sydney), that she felt it was her right to insult me. Someone that she had never met and knows nothing about. When I tried to talk to her I was abused and she slammed the phone down.

This is the sort of thing that we tend to cop from time to time. We also get people that ring in the small hours of the morning wanting to make an appointment. Would you do this to other professionals?  Why don't people ring them at odd hours and most importantly out of working hours?

Why do some individuals think that it is ok to use a psychic like this?  There seems to be a lack of respect here. A very big lack of respect. I personally have a busy life with my family and I do have to act as a carer for a relative as well as a friend with health problems. I have a lot of animals to care for also. I too need to rest and re charge my batteries.

In this field of work we can shut down due to exhaustion as I have stated in an other post (take care not to drain a psychic). Some times we are needed to perform spiritual emergencies, that is a haunting or a spirit attachment. Some times it is a place that a person lives or it can be an individual that has an entity attachment.  I do not accept payment for this either. To make money from a situation like this , in my eyes is very immoral and I refuse to accept payment. I prefer not to do these cases if I can avoid it. Most people have no idea how much goes in to doing these things or how exhausting some cases are. Some times we have had such a busy day that we just can not give any more because we have been drained.

This can lead to ill health, I have seen this with my own father years ago. He did a healing on a very sick person, but asked spirit to take a bit of his energy. Even though he knew he shouldn't do this. But my Dad being the wonderful kind hearted person that he is, did just that. The man made an amazing recovery. But my poor Dad was ill for a week after that. He was totally exhausted near collapse.

I have never put myself in that situation and hope to God that I never do. But getting back to the point at hand. We psychics give of ourselves unconditionally. But, we are not put on this earth to be used, abused and taken advantage of. That is a wicked thing to do to anyone, especially someone that people want help from. Where is the respect for the humble human being, that is only here to be of help and service to God, humanity and the animals?

We are not rich people, we are just your average human being. We have our own issues to deal with, yet some people want us to be their personal councillor. We are not here to be  a councillor to others, but we end up having to perform as such at times, even though we have to keep reminding the client that we are not councillors.

I know many wonderful people in this industry that care for the homeless, the poor, the shelter and wild animals, they help troubled youth and are foster parents. We have to just take it all in our stride. And still keep a smile on our faces. I personally donate to animal welfare often, I give to human charities when I can too, in the form of clothes, household items, food etc. I am by no means rich, but I do my best to share what little I have. It is just who I am. I give what I give anonymously, I am not out for an ego trip. I am just the average person in your street. I like it that way.

Then back to the phone, ring ring. Hi, I would like a reading please. How good are you? How accurate are you? My friend went to so and so and they were really good?   My friend reads for famous people. What am I thinking right now? What colour hair do I have?

BTW, when I answer my phone I DO get a mental image of the person, and other things too. Sometimes I know if the person is not the one for me too. refer them to some one else, but only people that I would allow to read for me personally. The duty of care thing!!

Don't get me wrong, 99% of the clients are wonderful, for all of us and we care deeply about our clients. I have been to a Clients wedding and have stayed friends with her for many years. I have become close friends with some clients. Despite the fact that it is best to keep to a professional level. We are only human and some times we are meant to connect deeper with some people for a reason.

Hmmm, do you think you could take this lifestyle? I love what I do, but I do not like it when some people that are just looking to cause upset ring me or my colleagues. That is not very nice and no way do I want a person with that negativity in my home. Would you allow a negative person in your home, your private personal space?

We leave energy where ever we go, some times we leave good happy and loving energy. But some times a person can leave bad energy. They are usually not aware of it happening, why would they?
But there are some out there that know exactly what they are doing and also indulge in the dark arts.
I had one come into my house, I had to do a clearing as soon as she left. I am very careful about who I choose to read for. After all it is my gift and my home.
I have had people, mostly women I must add making the sign of Satan to me ad I have conducted their reading. I continue with the reading but that client will never set foot in my house again.

I work for the Pure spirit world, nothing else. If it is not pure and unconditional love then it is not good. What some refer to as the Light, but this is going off subject and is way too deep. To be left for the years to come and in book format. The time is not right at present.

I humbly thank you for your time, and taking the opportunity to read this.

Blessings to all