Monday, 5 January 2015

Artificial Intellegence (A I) dream with mobile phones transplanted in the ears.

Last Monday night I had one of those weird ass dreams, again. No cheese involved either. I was looking at 3 people with very swollen looking right ears. They were all stitched up and looking painful.
I wondered what had been done to them, I was told by an invincible being these 3 people just had a mobile phone implanted in their ears and is voice activated.
Talk about things that make you say, hmmmmm!

The night before that though was real interesting. Now I can not draw to save myself. A stick figure is about as much as I can do. I do have artists in my fathers side of the family and many musicians. I missed out on that talent though.

Well as I said 2 nights ago was real interesting. I was given art paper and pencils including the water colour pencils by my husband about 2 months ago. I had said to him I really would love to draw botanical pictures, just for my own pleasure. I love gardening, and I have plenty flowers and plants to use as my working models. So I decided to sit up in bed late on Sunday night, with a big sketch pad and pencils. Not much good at the start just odd shaped things that I tried to pass of as flowers or leaves. Next thing I know there is a strange feeling came over me, I just said, ok spirit, lets draw then.

Bad move....I started drawing weird pictures of strange beings.  The style of the drawings was kind of shadowy, for want of a better term. There was also a picture with a space ship that I have seen many times in dreams, flying over my house in day light. There are 4 skinny little figures near the space ship, each is slightly taller than the other. The sky is dark, as in night time and then sparks in the sky falling to earth. There are a few other things in the picture, and I am being told a story of what is taking place.

There is much more info but I won't share it here, as I need to still work on this and what it all means.
At the end of this "art lesson" there was a sinister twist. This being was just messing with me just because he could. There was a dark menacing look in a couple of the pictures and what he wrote too.

I have sent copies off to a UFO researcher that I know to have them studied.  Now this feels like the follow on from what took place at the trance Mediumship classes that I went to in June this year.
I intend to walk away from all of the ET stuff, it is not good stuff let me tell you. I do feel that there are dark days ahead for humanity with our off planet neighbours. Time will bear me out on this. From what I see, feel and have read up on. This little brown duck just does not want to go there thank you very much.

Take my advice folks, if any of you are interested in the UFO/Paranormal stuff, please don't mess with it. Leave it to those that know what they are doing. It is a deep subject and I feel it is not in our best interests. I do also state do not show fear to these beings, they feed from it. Give all that stuff a miss please.

Like I say I can't draw, but I was not in control of this. Enlarge the image and you can see more.The foot of the page is sand with plants that grow on the coast where ever this is supposed to be. I felt it was the middle east a very long time ago.

Article and image copyright by Alex Fulford January 2015