Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Astrology Info


This is a list of useful books & CD-ROM for those who wish to study Astrology.

These are recommended by  my friend Prof David Christensen PhD, Astrologer

Dr Liz Green Horoscope in manifestation psychology & prediction

ISBN 9781900869164 $37

Useful for knowledge of Jungian psychology

The only way to do Astrology series 1-5

By Marion March & Joan McEvers

ISBN 9780935127614 $28.99

Robert Hand

Horoscope Symbols $46

Planets & Symbols $38

Planets in Transit $58

These books are good for the technical knowledge

CD ROM Solar-Fire Verse 4 & 5

Astrology software $400 to $500 each

These come with research programme, printout of Charts etc. designed by Stephanie Johnson