Monday, 14 January 2019

Disease of the soul, we all have it

Disease of the soul (Wetico)  infects and affects everyone on this planet. That is why I keep saying be careful of the thoughts that you hold. This infection was inserted into Homo Sapiens Sapiens from their creation and allowed to spread through the species. It is like a computer program/ virus, that has been inserted into our psyche. Evil, that is the name of the disease. If you know about Archons then you will understand what I am talking about.

The Archons and other dark and evil beings need this evil to feed from on an energy level. We are their food while here on earth and  it is not in our best interest to incarnate over and over, and it certainly was not the original intention for ontoenergetic beings (us).

This grip over humanity cannot be stopped, we have become like spiritual lepers and all by grand design and from the researching that I have done over the years, it is not just happening on this planet.  No, it is spread throughout the universe to many star races that are on the same frequency as us.  This disease of the soul stops humanity waking up and taking back their rightful spiritual power and moving out of the matrix (outside of this reality we think is the universe).

We are descending deeper into darkness  and the vibrational frequency is dropping fast. That is why it is vital to practice spiritual cleansing immediately, and the first step is by refusing to do evil ie:  lie, cheat, steal,  kill, sexual depravity and immoral behavior etc. We must avoid those that are toxic and not participate in knowingly  wrong doings. A strong sense of self and a strong moral compass is needed to beat this evil, and not everyone has the strength to do this.

That  thought that comes to a person telling them to do something they know is wrong, but they go and do it anyway. That is the disease/evil that consumes the soul and destroys the soul.  Currently we are seeing it being played out every day around us and we say to our loved ones the world is going mad, it is insane. Yes, it is and we must not participate in this insanity or we are doomed.

The media, including the Internet and the entertainment industry are the main tools to further this disease of the soul. That is why I avoid as much of it as possible. Subliminal messaging is employed to get into your mind and soul and one needs to be aware of it to be able to avoid it.

Fear is the big tool being used right now to make us angry and reactive. We must withdraw from that immediately. Take a look at the 20th century wars and suffering, we have learned nothing from all of that, so much so that we allow it to flow on to this very day.

We are back in to fear, violence and anger; which stops the rational mind functioning and our spiritual side gets pushed aside by this infection of the soul and psyche. The next step is we are all flung into a world war yet again as the whole world is being manipulated on many fronts to divide people and get them hating each other. We have cultural issues all over the planet and we are witnessing the destruction of  civilization as we know it. Again it is all by design and it again keeps our spiritual energy suppressed.

Look at the amount of child abuse and the abuse of animals that is going on at present, is horrific. I can not bring myself to read this stuff. Every day the news has articles that are just too distressing to read.

Then there is the homeless, those with mental health problems being abused or neglected, soldiers and EMS workers being abused or shockingly high suicides that are all over the world at present because people do not want to be here any more.

Sadly most people do not know about the soul trap and go right back to square one and are brought right back here to suffer again!  I won't get into the stuff behind that because I feel many people reading this are not really ready for that shock.

Anger and fear are very important tools in this war against humanity and it works so well over the past millennia, again and again, humans reincarnate and keep repeating the programme, because they do not know that it is a controlled and artificial reality. Only now some people have worked it out, but are ridiculed for knowing this fact.

After many people are dead from war, terrorism etc, and at this point in time many are becoming infertile, (not a coincidence BTW). Remember the Georgia guide stones? Only a small population is needed after these steps are complete.
The next move is artificial intelligence and the hive or herd mind. Game over and the human race has lost. The urgency with rolling out 4G and now 5G  is part of the enslavement of humanity.

Humans, being electromagnetic beings, this network is designed to interface with us biologically and energetically too. You will start seeing the hive or herd mind  mentality being more and more obvious from now on. I have mentioned the nano particles that are in our bodies in other posts, they are there to work with the 4G and now 5G technology, so you can expect more crazy behaviour and hive mind from this not to mention cancer and other  helth problems. Yes they will push for war as per the programmed agenda.

There will be a loss of empathy and compassion as human minds will be able to be reprogrammed and will only respond to their programming. How frightening is that, but even more scary is they are working on this right now, including patenting humanity. That will come eventually with the madness that is taking place right now.

Human cloning is much more advanced than people know, so just add the hive mind and no soul for a moral compass to tell right from wrong and hey presto, brave new world, but take it to an other level. Nano travel and inter-dimensional travel for warfare.

That is part of the new agenda for humanities future and is already being discussed in academic circles and the MIC.

Most of humanity have already lost the game, they are just unaware because they suppress their souls spirituality using their free will.  Yet these people think a saviour will come and save them. Err NO! we are our own saviours each individual is his own saviour.

It is a sad way to end the human race, it was always a bio-genetic experiment from the get go, but many of us have evolved and we wish to move on from this evil control matrix. Will we be safe when we exit or will we be prevented from leaving, which violates free will?

The supposed rule is that when a soul graduates we can leave, but those setting the rules do not play fair.  They are not honest and do not have our best intentions at heart.

One thing to remember a soul that is unclean or infected will not be allowed in to the true spiritual universe or multiverse and we have no idea of what is out there, because we are only hearing from channelled information from within the control matrix. This information is corrupt and that is why I say do not participate in channelled material. Listen to your heart and your soul.


My sources for this post come from three sources, my intuition and experiences and the  people in the links below.

Columbus and other Cannibals: The Wetiko disease of Exploitation Imperialism ans Terrorism. by Jack D Forbes
 (look for a pdf file if you can I got mine on kindle via Amazon books)

Wes Penre