Monday, 21 January 2019

Lost Land Of The Lizard People

Very interesting reading. I have never read any David Icke stuff for the record.
But I am very aware of the reptilian ET's as would most people that read my blog.

I am just not into banging on about them, yes they exist as do many other ET races ( there are supposedly at least 250 star races that the MIC are aware of according to on of the retired Canadian military officers involved), including us.  All I am saying is read and keep an open mind.

What you are reading is not anything new. There is nothing new on this earth, it only is coming back into public knowledge because it is time. What was common knowledge 5 thousand years ago is only just resurfacing.

Everything old is new again, because the planet works on cycles or ages, Astrological cycles.  This age though is taking us a giant step forward.