Thursday, 22 November 2018

Card Of The Month, December 2018 The Sun

I did not have time to keep up with the card of the month post, so I am getting back in to it now.
December's card is a good one as we move in to Summer in the Southern hemisphere and the silly season.

The Sun card reminds us of joy, vitality, success and happiness. December therefore is a month to be looking forward to. In relationships, a new job, and life in general it is time to reap the rewards we have strived for. The card reminds us to stay open to offers that are beneficial to us and accept the good luck coming our way.

The card number 19 is auspicious and bearer of good news. The sun itself is known for its life giving warmth and energy and without the sun no life takes place on this earth. There are also 19 rays around the sun on the card.

Notice the child on the card representing childhood innocence and joy, he also acts as a messenger of good news. On the child's head is a garland of 6 flowers, the number 6 being feminine energy. Notice the little feather on top of the garland it represents spirit or air.

4 Sun flowers  in the image depict joy and growth in the presence of illumination. The number 4 means you are coming from a well balanced position and overcoming all obstacles. The wall is an obstacle that is being overcome as you see the sun flowers triumphing over the wall .

The child on horse back is waving a bright orange flag to spread the good noes and joy. The colour orange is a happy colour but it also relates to the second chakra or sacral chakra.

So on the whole it is a good card for transformation, success, peace and happiness. What a nice card to end the year on. Despite what is going on in the world right now, it is important for us as individuals to stay positive and not allow negativity to rule over us. It is hard at times as we know to stay positive and life's circumstances change so often. We must not allow evil to dwell in our hearts.

Keep life simple and the less baggage we have the better, just because evil exists does not mean we should let it into our lives, our homes or our hearts.

Blessings and love


Copyright Alex Fulford November 2018