Sunday, 30 December 2018

Video 111: Is En ki “Locked out” from Earth?

Notice at 5.05 it says Marduk was given the earth.  One needs to understand humans are being set up and must NOT take sides, None of these beings have our best interests at heart. To think otherwise is foolish. These beings are interested in real estate earth and coding in our DNA.

The other thing to remember is they are still in control of this planet and the violence we see currently is instigated by them and their minions on earth. The idea is to move us in stages, using multiple agendas such as dividing humanity in to waring factions.

One world  Government

One religion

Draconian laws, including political correctness,

Gender confusion

Gender conflicts

Right V's Left political views

Pro and anti Vaccine

Pro life V's Euthenasia

Anti abortion V's pro abortion

No nationality as it is seen as not politically correct

Lower education standards especially in Western nations

Indoctrination rather than education in Schools, colleges and Universities

Shaming people for what opinions they have, to the point of they wont speak openly (Think Trump)
Pro or anti Refugees

Pro Artificial intelligence including implants, this is also targeting children and young people via Hollywood

Flat earth V's round earth


Channeled Messages supposedly from spirit or ET's (this is done via advanced technology and I am speaking from personal experience)

There are multiple attacks; that most people just do not see, because they choose not to see, but will belittle and attack those that are aware. (Divide and conquer)

All of this culminating in a world war ( my guess in the mid 2020's to early 2030's). Then pick over the bones, the people that accept singularity and AI will be permanently under the control of these psychopaths.

The so called Orion queen is every bit the criminal as En-Ki, En-Lil and Marduk, in Wes's articles no if's or but's. Humanity is at the end of it's existence here, may be that is not a bad thing. However that does not meal the end of all souls here.

Those that are awake will find their way out of this mess, but it is per individual soul saving him/herself. No one will help you. It is the individuals job to do so . We are not our brothers keeper.

We are not guilty or responsible for those that will not listen, they alone bear that responsibility, so do not beat yourself up over trying to save those that do not want to listen. It is not your fault. We all have choices in the limited free will that we have.

In our current life time you will see this come to pass. Do not take sides or it is fatal. What ever happens to the souls already on the other side of life? Sadly we cannot help them, they will be moved else where. Where to I have no idea to be honest, Wes is not 100% sure either.

Going home to Orion, I would say is a con job. I sure as hell would not want to be there. We do have the option of leaving this universe and seeing what is in the Khaa or 96% spiritual universe. What really lies there on that side, who can honestly say. My advice is do not listen to the channelled information because it is full of disinformation. I have sat in many meditation groups and channelled with people over the years now to know this stuff must not be trusted, ever!

Sure they will throw you a bone now and then to keep you happy, but try to get the truth from these entities and you will be wasting your time. Some of them actually are real flesh and blood working for the MIC, using high tech(mouth to skull ) equipment, so if you are smart don't go there.  Speaking again from experience I have seen the bad results from this.

A friend almost took his life several years ago because of this. I saw an other friend end up having mental health issues and a severely damaged reputation.  Play it safe folks, educate yourselves and do not play with fire, it will burn.

Please google mouth to skull technology. You will find a vast range of information and patent numbers, it's jaw dropping when your see the list of patents out there.