Thursday 25 February 2021

Alex’s new blog

Give me three weeks and everything will be transferred that I want to keep. It will all be tagged in subject matter, such as “Wes Penre” , “Alex’s Psychic predictions”, “Articles by Alex”,  “Jokes and Memes “ etc.

More laughter and some warm and fuzzy cute animals, because that brings a lighter happier energy to the blog, and yes some humour may be corny, it’s all part of the keeping to lighten mood. Oh and I like the non PC stuff, it’s the way I roll. Nothing to offend as I do not intend causing offence, just a cringe or two 🤣🤣🤣

UPDATE  April 2021: My new blog has been up and running for several weeks now. You will find new posts, Tarot card of the month etc all there. All psychic predictions are updated every year on my new blog and my official website