Thursday 4 February 2021

Worldwide shift away from eating meat

Utter bull crap, this is a new world order agenda. Do your research on this communist garbage. We will only run out of food because it will be withdrawn or unaffordable to the masses, therefore affecting nutrition and healthy growth of children.  Many people are well aware of the push to stop people eating healthy. This is just dangerous indoctrination of the masses. 

We do not live on wildlife for meat, in the modern western world. The balance of  our food chain is being manipulated for political reasons. Where the hell are the real doctors, nutritionists and neurologists, to speak out against this propaganda trash? 

Perhaps they are too afraid to speak out in case they loose their jobs. If that is the case, perhaps they should all protest this en masse. These people are needed to speak up for humanity and the proper development of children’s health.

Poor nutrition leads to retardation and poor growth, that is common knowledge. This  article seems to support a dangerous violation of human rights, and endorsing the malnutrition of the world. 

Eclampsia risk from poor diet.