Saturday 6 February 2021

Eclampsia in the Real Organism: A Paradigm of General Distress Applicable in Infants, Adults, Etc.

I was looking through my iPad at things that I had saved and clicked on a link and started looking through articles and found this. This is a very interesting article and women should read this in regards to becoming pregnant. I was quite ill with morning sickness with my second baby and my body couldn’t handle pregnancy very well all through my three pregnancies. I almost lost my second baby, but did lose my third at  12 weeks just going into the 13th week. 

With the first pregnancy I only had morning sickness from week six to week twelve and it disappeared. My second pregnancy morning sickness started at week six and continued to the day before I was induced. I couldn’t keep any food down.  Bear in mind I was working full time as a social security officer, had a small child and had to be up by 6.00am and drive an hour to work after dropping my baby off at a babysitter. I got home from work close to 7.00pm ate dinner, cleaned up and went to bed. I have never had a normal pregnancy. My first one the placenta was very low, the baby was sitting up high right up to the moment that I was induced. The baby was in distress at the time of his birth and pooped all over the doctor.  I have never seen an old fart move so fast, lol.

Each pregnancy after that had problems, including a cyst in my eye that was caused by hormones and had to be lanced. Not it wasn’t scary like it sounds. But the eye specialist told me it would happen in any further pregnancies. He was right because with the third pregnancy, it came back along with a few other problems.

My great grandmother died of eclampsia giving birth to my grandfather, she was only young. I actually take after that side of the family in looks and personality.  Even though I have never seen her in a photo, I can describe her. Spooky huh? I know that an aunt in my family strongly resembles her too. 

Note: Take into account the push for a vegan diet, do you see the problem after reading this article about the intelligence level of children if they are not being given a proper balanced diet every day? 

A dumbed  down society is not going to rebel against authoritarian rule. A world like ours depends on worker drones and an educated class to rule them. They do not want the masses educated and intelligent or they may rise up. Think communist countries and the poor, they never have a chance to rise up if they are malnourished and working in low paying jobs.