Friday 5 February 2021

Neuralink could begin human trials for brain implants this year

Still think he is a good guy and on humanity’s side ? 🤣🤣 This is an evil abomination and the minute this thing is implanted you are no longer human.

You will find this  man would never allow himself or his loved ones to be “chipped” but is fine with mere nobodies being borged.

Yes you read that right as in cybernetic organism. Ask yourself what does it do on a spiritual level?  This  is the new race of human beings after all. Such a person can be controlled, programmed and have their emotions void, their reasoning altered etc. Thoughts are backed  up in the cloud and will become part of the hive mind complex. This is not in humanity’s best interests. And people think the sun shines out of his arse! 

Our DNA can already programmed, that is a well known reality already. This is the worst thing that could be done to humanity. Don’t expect there to be condemnation over this, big money is involved here and shareholders don’t care about morality or ethics let alone our souls and spiritually. 

Think Synthetic super intelligence. You will find that eBook in my blog, this is the death knell of humanity, but the way most people behave may be it’s not a bad thing. The lack of true spirituality is almost non existent on our planet as it is. But, this will kill what is left eventually if allowed to happen.

 This is from 2017

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