Friday 26 October 2018

2019 Psychic Predictions For The World

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Well this is the start of a roller-coaster ride and it is going to get worse. I am sorry to say. I wish that it wasn't so. But most people are aware that the world is in a bad way anyway. This is a long cycle yet again and we are only just at the start.

I hear the word Insanity. That pretty much sums it all up. Starting in the UK Prince Charles has only just started his turmoil. He is reluctant to step aside and let William take the throne, however I do feel that there are going to be major headaches with Charles over the coming year.

I see a new currency for a Scandinavian country; Sweden, perhaps it is just upgrading the bank notes.

President Trump puts his 2 cents worth in to the train wreck called Brexit.

Britain is in for more upheavals with Prime Minister May leaving office, I do feel there will be a lot of civil unrest and protests over Brexit, immigration and poverty.

I feel many countries will have civil unrest in 2019 with leadership issues. Some of this is due to weak ineffective leadership and minorities trying to destabilise these nations. Gradually the public are pushing back and the government will bring in the military. This I feel will flow through Europe and it is only the start of what is to come. People have had enough and want stability in their homelands.

In Britain the Queen must be very careful with public announcements due to the British people being angry at the mess the nation is in.

France is in the spot light, I see a pact being signed with other nations  and it feels military in nature. I do not get a good feeling about this. France's leaders are out of touch with the people as are many world leaders at present.

Russia will flex its muscles again in neighbouring regions. Putin is only toying with them so far.

2019 is just the start of tensions simmering to boiling point with conflicts of various types. This as we know is a build up that has been coming for a long time and the masses  have had enough of the powerful and the corrupt.

Telecommunications is a big one in the news this year, this could be about the 5 G technology that has many people worried over the health impact.

Flooding in Wales and Southern England in winter months with a storm blowing in from the Atlantic.

I hear the words 'eye in the sky" , this could be about the use of drones for times of disaster to assist in rescue work, which is a wonderful idea. I feel this is also in the UK.

Back in the US, can President Trump stop all the destabilisation of his leadership? I don't think so. This was always going to be a constant nagging until he is ousted. He has enemies on 3 sides making it very difficult for him to survive. He clearly cannot trust his staff either.

Copyright Alex Fulford 26 October 2018

Update: This is early lol, but Drones in rescue work. This is in Canberra

This is only the start. Australians have been going through hard financial times for a few years unlike many European nations.
 Scroll to the bottom of the article, Latvia are now protesting.


This is not good, do not expect the west to help here, they have their own problems not to mention some powerful Western leaders and bankers/ business men have a financial vested interest in war, Ka Ching!  I do not think they have the money or the power to really do anything.  Not at present anyway unless they team up with China. But which one gets to be top dog?

UPDATE: CIVIL UNREST IN EUROPE. Sadly this is it already starting spreading out from France, but bear in mind with these protests, all is not as it seems. I would not be participating in anything violent if I was them.
Rome, Italy.


UPDATE: dec 2019  UN protest in Spain


UPDATE: Prince Charles  Hypocrisy at its best, I remember how he treated Diana and his cavorting with  Camila. Moral values and ethics, right!  In 2023 Charles problem are still going on from 2019


EUROPE: Protests



UPDATE: Brexit
New Passports, very optimistic I say 😆😲All the delay tactics are a dog and pony show.

UPDATE December 2020, let the circus act continue 🤣🤣 72 hour deadline. This ain’t going to work, read the comments below the article. 

UPDATE: Queen Elizabeth on Brexit

The Queen should butt out of this, she is part of the ruin of the UK, due to the 1973 document she signed. She does not care about the people of the UK, she is part of the evil elite that enslave us.

This is west coast Scotland (where I come from), not sure if Wales and England will cop some of this.  November 2019

UPDATE: UK Theresa May  Don't think for one minute things will get better.  THERESA MAY RESIGNS

UPDATE: 5G Brussels have banned 5G already. Please read this but follow up on this on YouTube and Internet searches on the dangers of  5G. This is a dearth knell on all living things mark my words. Take a good look at all the trees being cut down in the place you live, destroying nature for technology that is incompatible with life. Trees are the lungs of the planet, the give us oxygen, they hold the soil together or else we have landslides like Indonesia had many years ago when they cut all their trees down. 


I am sorry I have not been keeping an eye on this one, but there have been several staff leave and many problems for Trump's administration as can be seen by a Google search anyway.

UPDATE: The Queen must watch what she says in public.
Did the Queen just weigh in on Brexit?

UPDATE: Flooding in England


UPDATE: Civil unrest, Paris December 2019