Monday, 15 October 2018

Alternative Spiritual Protection

This is an alternative to using gold  light or white light. The reason that I am giving you this
as an option is, gold light and white light are both part of  the negative matrix and are designed to keep humanity in the control grid.

By using only your body and your own spiritual energy, you are able to bypass the matrix.
Remember again it is all about intention. Use what feels right for you, but under no circumstances
give away your power or energy to anything or anyone, especially that of the unseen world.

Now focus on your own core essence or energy deep within you; going through your heart bring your true spiritual  power or essence out into your entire body and entire aura. Building up the frequency and intensity of your power to a very high level.

Building your power up so high that nothing negative or with negative intentions can come near you; or harm you. As you build up your power  be firm in your intentions; nothing evil or  negative can come near you; or harm you because your energy is so powerful that these beings cannot even perceive you (see or feel).

Next place a big mirror ball around your entire body and entire aura to hold in all of your energy so that you are protected at all times. Know that nothing can harm you, know that you are safe.

You may want to add as a protective precaution , your energy could be harmful to beings with negative intentions towards you. They could be harmed or even killed should they persist in approaching you.


Remember this is for your protection and not designed as a weapon , so they are being warned of the possible danger and you are not responsible for their actions should they persist.

You have the right to be safe, you have the right to be protect yourself to. You are not responsible for any being or entity that tries to violate your rights. These beings know exactly what they are doing, please do not for one minute think that they do not know. They will take your energy or will harm you . they do know the laws of the universe, they just don't care. it is foolish to think otherwise.

Humans are not even aware of their real spiritual power and potential. They have deliberately dumbed down and kept in ignorance for a reason.

We have the divine fire or spark within us which is very unique in the universe. We are sovereign beings  by natural right and it has been suppressed in us for thousands of years.  Many souls at this point in time are awakened and are fully aware and are claiming back their true spiritual power.
as can be reflected in many internet websites and books being published.

However one must be very discerning as to what is truth and what is not. There lies the difference in an awakened soul and one that is just awakening.

NOTE: This can be used to put spiritual protection around your house, work place, car etc. Modify it to what your intended purpose is. It is intention that makes it work so be firm in  your intention or it won't work.