Friday, 19 October 2018

Video 84: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 2 of 2

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I do not think reincarnating to come back here to assist others will make one bit of difference to be honest, because many obstacles will be in place to prevent this. Not just that, but the theory of how to do it has never been proven and I sure as hell will not take the risk.

You cannot come here to the third dimension ( and we are descending not ascending) without a physical body to help others, and if the information of our souls being fragmented is true as well as the amnesia then don't you think it is a load of rubbish being presented as truth?  No one can prove this and the risks are too high.

 There is so much dangerous disinformation all over the Internet, YouTube and in all forms of media feeding the masses pulp. Most of that information is fear based and has no facts to back it up. Nothing of real  truth or substance comes from channeled sources. It is the same stuff that humanity has been told for thousands of years, well scripted by beings beyond the average persons understanding.

You cannot save those that do not want to know this information for a start, and you will put your self in danger. That is an exercise in futility and by the time people reincarnate the whole point will be moot.

It takes many years before you are reincarnated supposedly. No one can give a definite answer to how many years that is either, and the sheep in my line of work listen to whom ever is seen as their superior (read bigger ego) and take their word as gospel.

 Theoretically speaking, if I was to die today and reincarnated, the following things would happen, a) I would not be the same person that I am now. b) I would have no memory of my mission.  c) The AI take over would already be in place as it is already started.

There is way too much disinformation on the internet also feeding good people BS and passing it off as spiritual wisdom and channeled BS, stay right away from this very dangerous stuff ( I know I am a trained trance-medium). Stop reading the so called spiritual books they are garbage, yes even books like "A course in miracles". I too had that book, but with reading the first few pages, I put the book down because I could the very heavy and dark energy emanating from it.

I will not allow  so called spiritual  or new age books in my house, other than basic ones to use as a reference point in stuff to avoid, of that I only have a few as I took many books to the tip a few years ago. It would be very wrong of me to give such books to anyone. I have inherited some books form a loved one but I do not read those books they are just part of the reference tools. But I would never recommend to anyone.

I have to constantly tell people of the realities of all of this stuff but I cannot make you believe anything. That is up to the individual to be discerning and educate themselves better on such matters.
Sure  you can read the books if you really want to but do not take them to heart, I would say use them as a tool to understand what people like Wes Penre are  presenting and nothing more or you will still be stuck in the matrix mind set. I would not wish that on anyone.

The buck stops with the individual and we must bear the consequences of  our beliefs. I do not dress this up with the unicorns and rainbows rubbish that the masses like to see. I am no liar I tell it straight, I will have no part in theatrics  or lies like others do for fame and fortune. However if  one keep following the rainbows and unicorn BS then the individual will most certainly go down the path of spiritual ignorance and therefor destruction, that's their call and they must bear the consequences of their actions.

Accountability is the responsibility of each individual as is education. Many a time I have had to put a person back together emotionally  when they come to see me for a consult  after being fed BS by so called spiritual councilors and others. But again some people keep going back to the theatrical so called spiritual dog and pony show due to ignorance.  An entertainer offering illusion rather than illumination of the soul.

I do not see anyway of reaching the true spiritual destination for those individuals that are attracted to theatrics and giving away their spiritual power. If the individual does not get it right they will reincarnate and to what?