Thursday, 22 February 2018

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming Or Mind Control

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, think of those words, the mind being re programmed!

This is a practise that I highly disapprove of. I do feel though that a good psychic or clairvoyant should be able to feel on a clairsentient level that this is wrong. However we do not all pick up on everything. We are only human after all.

The only type of "healing" that a person should be given; if they actually want it, is spiritual healing, that also includes the cultural  version of spiritual healing  of a persons homeland such as Reiki as it was originally done. However one must be careful with this too and research it first. Check the source, the creator god is not what you want to be invoking. You will have your energy taken and will have health issues yourself should you be unaware of the vampire energy harvesting going on from the unseen world.

I know from experience and I have had to alter my healing technique.

A person cannot just decide to be a spiritual healer either. You are born a spiritual healer. It is not a get rich quick thing, you don't just learn it, the ability is already within you. You are just being shown how to use your abilities.

Theta healing is something else that I have nothing to do with it. As a Clairvoyant I just know these things without being told. However to the non  psychic or nor clairvoyant, it is not so easy to know, unless you research for yourself.

To me this NLP is sneaky  manipulation of your free will. When you look at the origins of this, you can see the intention right there. If a person can be manipulated so subtly like this it is no leap of imagination  to what else can be done.

This is everywhere, so be warned. Just think of when you are sitting watching TV for instance. Watch the hand movements, the head movements too. Is the left hand on top (left hand path) or the right hand on top (right hand path). The forced smile, the tone of voice and that nauseating fake laugh the presenters use. It is all buy, buy, buy. That is when I switch off.

No form of healing practitioner should discount proper medical treatment. I will always say keep seeing your doctor and any specialist that you are seeing.

No healer should ever say that they can cure anything either. That is not our place to say so.

If it isn't purely spiritual I won't touch it and no one should, unless they want to get dragged down the dark path. Keep it honest, keep it pure and keep it simple. Or in other words tell the truth and shame the devil.