Friday 27 March 2020

World economy for 2020 and beyond

I have been looking at the cards in regards to the economy and where it is going.
Things do not look good as most people are fully aware.
The Devil card next to the queen of wands tells me of a struggle along with an air of naivety with the public and some politicians. There is a hidden message that needs to be acknowledged here too.

The struggle between real life and illusion is indicated here, people need to have a reality check because there is open deception going on. With the presence of the queen of pentacles, we have to look at the reality of our situation with regards to employment and the economy.

Balance has gone out the window now and disaster is now imminent. I do not see any way round about this. We have been fooled into a very dark agenda, with regards to finances and the world economy.  It is very important for people to stay grounded and vigilant, this is no time to relax or have fun. The time for fun is over and we must be realistic, watching our spending because we are on the slippery slope to recession.

This cannot be halted, not even the stimulus packages can stop this, because it was already starting long before the Covid 19 struck. That virus let me tell you was a very convenient excuse to bring in draconian laws and the new digital currency.

Hard control to stop the economic disaster will be to no avail, but let me be frank about this. This is no accident, which implies no one is at fault. This is a case of cause and effect, economies are made to crash. At present this is the pretext to a new dictatorship that is being slowly put into place world wide. The warning signs have been there for a long time but many chose to ignore the facts.

Sadly we are now living in a world where intelligence in the working classes is being seen as negative and troublesome, even by other working people. Many prefer ignorance and avoiding responsibility. Classic predictive programming that has been silently installed in the masses over the past two decades.

A pinch of reality will hit the Northern hemisphere in summer and the Southern hemisphere in winter. Just when people think lockdown is over and start to live again the money situation starts to bite hard.

I get the feeling of distancing between the haves and the have nots and withholding of money. By this I mean  people not sharing and being charitable but instead become greedy miserly, where once they might help others in need, but now won't help.  Looking after number one mindset.

As I have often said nothing on this earth is new. We work in cycles, both large and small and cycles within cycles. This is a fact and a good astrologer can back up what I am saying the same as a good historian can. Except the historian may not grasp how the planets affect all life in our world, no matter!

We are now at the start of a long journey and it is going to be a rough journey. Which will gather pace by the end of the year. The Tower card indicates disaster and reality of the situation balanced with the justice (authority) card sitting next to it. World leaders will try to assure you that you must stay calm and everything will be alright because they are in control. This is clearly not the case, they (bankers, politicians and big business) are in control and accountable to all of us.

As I look at the journey ahead I see a hidden man behind the three of wands, this tells me that China has only just begun their world economic takeover attempt, with the willful co-operation of our world leaders. Yes it is a dog and pony magic trick being played on the world masses.

These evil people are fooling the world while systematically dismantling the western world as we know it, using systematic hard control. Where is the abundance of the west you may ask? Gone.
The west have been caught with their pants down so to speak.  Assets stripped and everything siphoned off by the greedy. Your tax money stolen while you have been partying and not paying attention.

Tough questions will be asked, but no real answers given by our leaders. Why is this, well it is because many of them (leaders of the world, bankers and big business) are involved in this mass swindle. Not to mention the removal of our rights which is slowly happening and has nothing to do with Covid 19 .

The world we knew is gone forever now, the Emperor card  and the Moon card show deception and dictatorship afoot, we have been lied to and manipulated into giving away our basic human rights. This will not be apparent until the end of the year either, and perhaps only some will start to see this before the alarm bells ring for everyone else.

Fear is used as part of this great conjuring trick, the elderly remember the hard times of yesteryear in their youth. Sadly when they try to warn the current youth, they do not listen, they know best. They are about to pay a high price for arrogance and stupidity.

The push back against authority at present is going to end, just give it a few months and watch the results. Materialism will come to an end and young people will not know how to cope with poverty because their parents did not prepare them for the harsh realities of life. Only a small percentage had those lessons installed due to coming from struggling families.

The takeaway message from the cards is this is a massive assets grabbing, By which I mean robbing nations of their assets and from the masses to give to the already super rich ( this in taxes and other things).  Please be wise and careful with the choices you make for yourselves and your families.

Do not spend what you don't have or you could end up on the street. Cut backs such as luxuries, some may give up health funds, Foxtel etc, it all adds up so think wisely, it is need over want. There is a big difference. Stay within your means and avoid credit card debt at all costs.

Be aware of the implications of the digital currency also, this is vital. You will no longer have paper money when the bankers pull the pin and they know how much you actually have in the bank. You will not be able to put cash under the mattress as was the plan all along.

Don't say you were not warned this has been in the news for several years already  as young people think oh this is great, they do not stop t think of the downside of this. No control over your life, when you can or can't eat. If the bank lines go down what will you buy food with or pay bills? Think about this because it is coming.
Update 21 June 2020