Friday 27 October 2017

Flying Humanoid In Australia

Hmm, I wonder what is really going on here. Is this some hoax, new technology, a jet pack, or is it for real?
Suddenly a person just happens to have a camera at the ready to film this.

I don't think this is a Mothman, the shape looks different. Mothmen are often seen as a bad omen or harbinger of death and are found in America specifically. I can't say what this is on the video as it needs an expert to zoom in on this to examine the film. With today's technology it is so easy to fake anything, not forgetting project blue-beam.

Now this is only one person sighting this. I find that rather odd and hard to accept as legit. How many people actually look up at the sky these days and say hey look at the chem-trails, or gee those clouds do not look like normal clouds. So to suddenly out of the blue have a camera ready to film this does seem contrived.

I do not think Mothmen are involved in this flying  humanoid  video. Looking close a I can get, I see what looks at the back of the figure to be a heat source or flame as  you may see on a jet pack. The person is moving in a motion suggesting it is a jet pack.

Technology is taking massive leaps forward at present and will continue to do so. The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is not what comes to mind with this leap forward, more like the TTP (Technology Transfer Project) which has a hell of a lot more of a sinister intention.

Italian scientists are working on a flying robot as you can see from this September 7, 2017 article here.


Just the handy thing to fix the TV Ariel on your roof too, saves having a nasty accident.

If you have read the Wes Penre Papers you will recall him saying the Annunaki/Sirian Et's used Jetpacks of some sort to move around also. Ninmah in particular is known to use one to get around. A woman of dubious reputation, lol. There are tablets and cave art regarding flying machines in the ancient past which you can see on the internet.  Early UFO sightings in Australia.