Monday 7 September 2020

Alert: In a curious government backed appeal for Westpac rescue helicopter funding why are New Zealand farmers being asked full details of all stock food available?

At present there are government adverts telling us not to waste food, even the Chinese government is pushing this. For the past few weeks we have been bombarded with this on the internet, I can’t tell you if this is happening on tv as well because I don’t watch much tv. Unless it is a selective show that I watch.

I can tell you that there is most definitely a link in this Uncensored article and the government telling us not to waste food. I have been aware for about 15 years, I knew this was coming. I recall a girl that used to visit our house, telling me her very intuitive sister warned her parents to get ready for food shortages. She also told her parents they had better learn how to kill rabbits to eat because they will starve without them. This girl lived in a rural area interstate so was well placed for survival by being self sustaining.

I let her know that I was fully beware of this and I can tell you right now, it is deliberately being done. It is part of the population reduction control the powers that be are enforcing world wide.

Remember the  Georgia guide stones? Take that onboard because  are telling us what will happen. Farmers are being put under the hammer world wide over the past 20 years at least. They are getting driven bankrupt by those with a vested interest in controlling our food supplies world wide. Remember when the farmers in Iraq were forced to hand over all their seed stock?  Remember the US farmers having to shoot their cattle? In India farmers are suiciding every day because they cannot survive. It is heart wrenching and to know this is being done deliberately to our farmers is the most evil thing imaginable.

In Australia the drought was the perfect tool and the recent bushfires to wipe out live stock as well as our dear wildlife. Oh and don’t forget farmers that have farms interstate, but can’t get to them at present due to government rules on travel. They can’t get food from one farm to another to feed the animals.

Get ready because things are going to get worse for us. It isn’t just draconian laws we are dealing with, it’s survival with food being used to control us also. Just keep a lookout for things in the news, they may seem unconnected because they will be delivered in little increments so most people will not notice.

If you are smart and have the money, start stocking  up your pantry, think along the lines of shortages and food rationing. I would give it two years roughly before we start to notice this fully. Lucky for those with money to be able to do this. Preppers are way ahead of the average person and especially those depending on welfare. Those on welfare will find this very hard going. 

Notice the article mentions AI research forum. This is being well planned and coordinating with powerful organisations. Who is going to benefit from this? It sure won’t be ordinary people like us. I wonder what financial reward the shareholders get, Ka Ching! Blood money.