Friday 18 September 2020

Skyhooks, Horror movie its the 6.30 news

I grew up listening to these guys, from when I first came to Australia in 1973, aged 10. They were such an iconic band and still are. I remember Shirl being on a kids tv show called Shirl’s neighbourhood.

In later years he was on a DIY  tv show and then in 2001, he was killed in a helicopter crash. A very sad day for Aussie music. Then we had the loss of  Peter  Starkie  on September 16, 2020, he fell from a ladder aged 72.

Red Symons had a close call not so long ago , which is in the ABC link below, under related stories.

You can watch Skyhooks videos on YouTube, and hopefully become a fan. Australia was an awesome place growing up in the 70s.