Wednesday 2 September 2020

Camera time, oh boy

 Lol, today I was having a bit of a rummage and tidying. I came across my two cameras, and not having used them in about 12 months I can’t really remember how to use them.

Hubby bought one for me a few Christmas’s back.The other one he bought me to do a digital photography class. I got the hang of it, but then I had other things to do etc. Long story short I feel it is back to the old drawing board again. 

I feel such a dinosaur because everything is super technical these days and I am old school, humph, not even the head master either 😂😂 I just want to take spring photos in my garden as I have some pretty bulbs in bloom. Oh and we have three possum boxes in the garden now with house guests in them.

If I am lucky I might be able to get a few shots of the possums. They are not keen on sharing their sleeping area with each other either. Tonight I saw one pushed out of a possum box and he was trying hard to get back inside. Poor little guy, I felt so sorry for him. 

They do not get on with dogs and cats, so I have to make sure my dog is inside when they are out and about. Possums are a protected species in Australia so we must be careful that no harm comes to these cute little fluff balls.