Wednesday 30 September 2020

List of Alex's predictions

 This is a list of predictions from 2013, but there are other psychic experiences that are not on this list.

This is only world predictions and Australian predictions.

I am just about to start the 2021 predictions and will tack the links to them on here once they are posted.

I did not seriously decide to do predictions until 2014. I honestly had never thought about doing them or knew that I had this ability until one day I gave it a try. The results speak for themselves and this is not an easy thing to do. Not all psychics or clairvoyants can do this.

Australia 2021  2020 Australia  2020 world predictions

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Australia 2017

2015 predicting Malcom Turnbull becoming the Australian prime minister

Malcolm Turnbull 2015

Australia 2013

Bill Shorten becomes prime minister