Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Is the spirit world controlled by AI?

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Many researchers are jumping on the AI bandwagon at present, and now posing the question is the spirit world an AI simulation. I have pondered the same thing for a while and to me it is highly possible.

Many researchers like myself (I am no expert mind you), feel this is an artificial and locked universe (frequency) and was constructed by beings millions of years ahead of us, but when we stop and think about this concept many more questions are raised without satisfactory answers or even no answers  at all.

I have sat in a controlled meditation circle and asked the question , "who built the universe?"  The reply came from a sterile sounding male voice, "You are not permitted to know that."  This was one of the last meditation circles that I took part in, as I became very wary of the entities that were communicating with myself and the others in the meditation circle. I also discovered the person controlling the circle was influenced by these beings and quickly dropped the individual.

This person was under the control of very dangerous beings that had all but ruined the persons life. That person no longer had free will and did not accept the fact that they were being controlled by dark beings. However this person did manipulate the other members of the circle's meditations and with the assistance of these beings was misleading the rest of us.

There are stereotype beings presented to humans as benevolent spirits such as American Indians, ancient Egyptians, Archangels, ascended master guides etc.
These beings are without a doubt archons, the prefix "arch" in archangel is a bit of a give away in itself. But what if these archons are actually synthetic intelligence?

How are we to know really? Even psychics like myself cannot always tell if the being is AI generated or real at times. I have seen some beings while in meditation, during consultation with clients and just being in random places where "spirit" has made itself known to me and others.

The ones that I would say are real generally are just regular people that have died. In some cases they have died at the hands of others. This situation when it occurs, usually gives me a strange sensation of  being detached from the reality that we live in. There is usually a warm tingling sensation, the room goes cold, or what I call a neutral vibration or atmosphere. When one feels that one just knows intuitively, or at least we feel the entity is genuine spirit due to the energy given off by the said spirit.

However when a meditation takes place it feels different, very surreal and images are projected into the psychic's mind. These are external forces, where usually we connect via our inner guidance or higher self.

The higher-self  is the real us we are told. It does not speak to us in words. It is intuitive or clairsentient. I still wonder at that though to be honest, could that too be an AI programme? We all have psychic abilities whether we use them or not, that is up to the individual. But how much do these abilities benefit our everyday lives also?

We must be very cautious when dealing with the unseen world because not all beings are what we believe them to be, and yes, some could quite well be AI (Artificial Intelligence) These beings may seem to think independently at times but are still part of a group mind (Cloud) complex.

One thing I can tell you is when I have experienced communication with some"spirit" beings there is definitely no warm tingling feeling. Just the manifestation through my third eye. The word interface would be more appropriate here.

The beings that I have communicated with in fact could well have been a computer generated simulation that seemed so real as far as spirit communication goes except for the one thing. There was no change in atmosphere in the room at any of these times. There was no warm tingling feeling going through or around my body either.

I look back at those events and now wonder what the hell was I dealing with. I can tell you it caused disharmony in my home. Thankfully most of these situations took place at other peoples homes and only certain ones happened at my home.

These beings can inflict pain and suffering on people, but it is done with technology. I have no doubt about that. I have written about them in other posts, where a friend was subjected to horrific pain from childhood up to current day. This was not done by spirit beings. It was done using technology that we have never heard of. These beings I am  certain are either dark Et's, Inter dimensional beings or again AI created beings. There was no warmth in the voices, but put the mediums that I was working with through hell emotionally, the suffering caused was not necessary unless it was needed for energy harvesting. 

Who and what these beings really are is still a mystery, to  us in our world/reality. They are not beneficial to humanity either. Just now we are seeing a rapid decline of wildlife and the environment and the push of the 5G technology which is killing the planet. A little research tells us that this is the death knell of our earth as we know it. But it can sustain AI life forms. It does appear that all of this is linked, not to forget the interest in storing human consciousness on a cloud.

Does that sound like universal consciousness as spouted in the spiritual community, hell yes. Is it just an upgrade to the final plan of an AI take over? Hence the talk in the past few decades of a cull or harvest of humanity. They only need a small population for what ever the plans are and the rest of the souls are moved off to a new earth to go through the whole cycle again and still trapped within the matrix.

Having said all this, I am now stepping right away from all of this and even pulled back from the majority of Wes Penre's work. Much as I like his stuff, one must not get in too deep when reading his work, just observe. This AI thing though is very deep and very dangerous as is the whole ET thing. It can cause serious emotional and mental health damage.

I am no longer posting any of Wes Penre's work on my blog either as I do not feel it is mentally healthy to dwell on this subject.