Thursday, 11 July 2019

Darpa Programmers and sacred science

I think most intelligent people already know this unless they are wilfully ignorant.

It has been said that this is where the nano particles in our bodies come in 5 G will activate the Nano technology with in us. In truth they don't fully know though.

There is speculation it will happen gradually so that most people wont even notice. That is unless they are spiritually awake,  but even here one cannot be complacent. If this is so, you must keep your mind plastic and keep meditating, but not talking to "guides", they are synthetic intelligence and/ or demonic entities. So only communicate with your higher self by going with in. External communication is not to be trusted and can be very manipulative.

Life is going to take drastic changes from now on, so educate yourselves as best you can on the subject but do not think yourself in to a dark place. That is counter productive. Not to mention falling in to the hands of these nasty individuals.

The human race as we know it is on its knees now in the transition between being human, spiritual beings trapped in  bodies that we were never supposed to be in in the first place  and the final phase transferring into cybernetic beings where the soul fire will be suppressed to the point of being unable to evolve or even leave the vessel or tomb that it us encased in.  At that point humanity ceases to exist, its game over.  Wes Penre on Smart cities.

Please read though the comments here and keep an open mind on what is being said, read between the lines.