Sunday, 2 July 2017

Study finds 'potentially toxic' nanoparticles in Australian baby formula

Please read this and understand the horrific implications of this. What other food has been compromised without us knowing? People need to pay attention to this. This threatens humanities very existence. Many people are highly aware of this technology, but may not know about it already in the food chain.

The damage is done, where does this lead to you my ask. Well down the machine kingdom path as per design. Before you dismiss this as rubbish and absurd, ask yourself why is it in the food and in baby milk. It is not there for your babies to benefit.

Wes Penre and many other researchers have already put this out in the public domain to warn people.

Please investigate this for your own welfare and for your loved ones. This is done without your knowledge and consent. Why? Notice the attempts to downplay this abuse of human rights also.
Follow the money trail in this one folks. No it is not healthy and they know that.

New legislation will be needed to combat this very deadly problem. But how long will that take and how effective will it be? They have not even activated these nano particles yet, and that is when things will get ugly.

Update: Well here we are more worries about the nanoparticles. Who in their right mind  would buy this for their babies? Why ate they doing this?  Nutrition, I  don't think so. More like a very dark and dangerous agenda.