Monday 3 July 2017

Tarot Card Of The Month: Page Of Cups July 2017


A charming whimsical card expressing the joys of youth and love. It is also an intuitive card, thinking outside the box also.  This card reminds you to express yourself honestly and from the heart.
Now is a good time to be involved in nature, we are after all part of nature not separate from it.
Being surrounded by nature helps to keep us grounded, whether at the beach or in your garden.
As I write this I hear the words, to err is human to forgive is divine. Remember that humanity are divine beings also, we have the divine fire or spark from our creator within us. So it reminds us to be compassionate ourselves as we are to others.
Looking at the card, the Page can be either young a male or female usually in their teenage years, but not always that young. Young at heart too. It depends on the energy of the person that one is reading at the time.

You will notice the Page is wearing a blue hat with a scarf. This blue hat and scarf represents the intellect, communication  and compassion as the scarf is touching the throat chakra. Blue can sometimes be a healing colour also.
The feather represents air, spirit and thought( intellect).

On his tunic there are flowers, many people often confuse with either being a tulip, a lily or a lotus.
It is about perception here. The Rider Waite tarot deck have ancient Egyptian mythology as well as Roman and Greek mythology within the deck. Here though this is Egyptian mythology, the flower I feel is the lotus (river Lotus), growing in the water of the Nile. In reality they were either blue or white. In the WRS Tarot though you see them as red and white (not pink, there is no pink in this deck).  Red and white are also the Royal colours for upper and lower Egypt in ancient times and the same as the house of Lancaster and the house or York.
The yellow stems are straight and strong. Fertile imagination perhaps.
The cute little fish in the chalice is a gift to the Page. Astrologically the fish represents pieces, alluding to duality, thought and Gnosticism . I prefer to avoid the negative  when reading cards. Most cards have a negative interpretation also, however that is not where I want to take you . Let's keep this light and upbeat.  
The page is wearing brown boots, which means he is stable, thoughtful and  grounded, as much as a young person can be, but youth can also be naive.
The red in his clothing and the white are, base chakra (red) passion  for what we believe in, in life and strong emotions. The white is for spiritual purity naivety, innocence, peace and light.
The black belt around his waist means  dignity, conforming, orthodox.
They gray sky is a spiritual symbol, is can represent  being neutral.
The yellow below his feet is very positive and is also regarded as spiritual.
The challis in his hand means he has a message for you, the challis is also about love and happiness.
So you may expect to hear good news from a young person around you. A pleasant surprise jumping out
 of the challis for you.
The charming young page may let their heart rule their head too. So they do need to have loving
guidance  from their parents , be gentler though they are sensitive and can be hurt very easily people
represented by this card are very sensitive souls with a good heart. So take care of them please.

Copyright Alex Fulford 3 July 2017