Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alex to be on A1R Radio soon

Hi folks

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I got an email from A1R. Me!! being asked to host a show, OMG. I am very humbled to be asked. I have been interviewed on radio and have done an on air reading, but doing a show, that freaks me out. I trust in spirit and hope that spirit will guide me safely.  I will keep everyone informed of the news as it happens.

It will be a 28min long show, so I am told. I am very excited about this, but keeping my feet on the ground as normal. Remember it is not about me. It is spirit and the people that spirit has messages for. I am only the humble mouth piece, nothing more. When spirit taps you on the shoulder, you don't say no. One simply asks, how can I be of service? I was told a few months ago to expect this and I informed the friend last night of the outcome. So I owe him a debt of gratitude too. So, thank you Ron Davis. You are an angel. Hugs to you, I hope to see you again soon.    this is the link to the radio.