Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The Daily Mail covered the shocking story of  Britain's last circus elephant that was rescued on Dec 24 2011

Anne the 59 year old Elephant had been beaten stabbed and kicked repeatedly by her sadistic keeper, but Daily Mail readers

clubbed together and bought her for £400, 000 and released her into her new life at Longleat park, and she is adjusting well in her new paddling pool and playing with her new elephant toys.

Film was taken on several occasions of the cruelty by Animal Defenders International, and when the RSPCA refused to act, the public took their own rescue action and Anne now has her own pool where her wounds are healing with a winter shelter, and all in an 80 acre enclosure, which will be home in the future to other rescued elephants.

Staff have been putting the mass of Anne's Christmas cards onto a fence, her former owners who allowed the cruelty Moira and Bobby Roberts appeared in court charged with causing unnecessary cruelty, the Romanian elephant keeper is in hiding, after a beating by a lad on a motorbike.

Elephants are very intelligent creatures, and are seen as sacred animals in India and

those people who understand their spiritual nature see the significance of kindness to animals, and the Elephant god Ganesha is the god of success education and wisdom, Hindus are vegetarian and see all animals as spiritual creatures as is man.
T Stokes