Thursday, 2 November 2017

The choice of  name here is not by pure chance, " Sophia" as in the divine feminine. (wisdom) Some one is dropping subtle little hints about the occult here. Notice she is also wearing a blue top. Blue is the colour of the mother goddess and Mary Magdalene.

I do not like the way the AI thing is going, but like anyone that is aware of the agenda, the alarm bells are ringing. This is a sign of things to come and not good for humanity. Many people are working this out for themselves. But not enough to prevent things getting out of hand, and they will get out of hand. Because the majority of people just want to get on with their lives and ignore anything that they think does not affect them. It may not affect them personally, but it will affect their children and grandchildren, that's for sure.

This is like a new race, without the Adam and Eve myth. I am wondering why Saudi Arabia chose to do such a ridiculous thing as granting a machine a passport. Obviously this has a serious meaning that we are going to be forced to accept. I for one do not accept this ridiculous stunt. One must also ponder the fact that in this country women are seen as sub human and are treated worse than animals. So why are they doing this?

Will a robot have more rights than a woman. Remember the robot is "female" and like I said about the name and the colour blue. This has a Satanic undercurrent to it. Mocking the divine feminine and creation.