Sunday, 5 November 2017

Tarot Card Of The Month: November 2017

Here we are in the month of November after a very difficult year for many. The page of Pentacles is the card that is drawn, and it is a good card. Full of hope eternal and a bit of youthful innocence. The Page on this card is the wisest of all the  four Pages in the Tarot deck.

The Page is very grounded in reality and reflective. Notice his red hat with a feather and a matching scarf, denoting wisdom. Also his green(green is for healing, balance, harmony and growth )  and gold (gold is spiritual wisdom and success) clothes and matching boots, express wisdom and attainment. In his hands is a pentacle which alludes to material gain and also spiritual knowledge.

The page is at the beginning of his journey and is very keen to learn. He has his eye on the future and is already skillful in knowing what he wants and how to go about getting what he wants.

This card tells s to be watchful and careful with our finance this month.  Those with the intent on finding a new job, now is the time to start the ball rolling. However stick to the truth , do not embellish your skills at a job interview or you will come unstuck.

This is a good card for school leavers too, reminding them to put in the effort in securing employment. A new life is before them which they are slowly carving out. Remember it is not all about money when you are starting out. You must start at the beginning and learn your skills.
Through diligence , you will master your craft or career, but this does not happen over night. You must make the effort.

 For those starting on a spiritual path, there is no quick way to enlightenment. one must tread the path slowly and carefully. Remember some paths are dead ends, stay open and flexible in your learning. That is where the true wisdom lies, knowing how to be discerning and open is the path to a higher understanding.

May I take this opportunity to say good luck to all the school leavers for 2017.  It's a big world out there, take your time and work out which path is right for you. Do not be pushed into anything that does not feel right for you.

Importantly if you have a drivers licence, stay safe on the roads at all times and remember it is not just  your safety that you need to be mindful of. Your passengers and other road users have families too. No one  wants you to take silly risks that could end in disaster.

It is better to arrive at your destination a few minutes late than not at all. Have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New year ahead.