Sunday, 26 November 2017

End Of A Busy Week

Whew, what a busy week this week has been. I met some very interesting  and really lovely people.
It is always such a pleasure to meet new people. I get so much pleasure of meeting people and having a small glimpse of their lives, not forgetting those in spirit that come to help or pass on messages.

Today I had my old family doctor from Scotland come through in spirit with a clients' mother in law. The funny thing was I had mentioned him to my son last night. I never thought for one minute that he would assist me. while I am working. I have a local doctor (Dr Gillespie), in spirit that helps when I am doing healing.  Old Dr Williamson would have last seen me when I was about 5 years old.

I clearly recall him giving me my injection when I was starting school. I should have told him to stick around and give me some healing, lol. I have been in constant pain for a couple of weeks with my right arm. Fibromyalgia is so painful and really takes the energy out of you.

I have been so exhausted and living with chronic pain quite a bit lately. I need to take rests every day to cope with the pain and loss of energy. Which is a bummer because I am an active person always on the go.

This is a hidden illness that is quite debilitating and the pain at times keeps me awake at night. It makes doing Tarot readings quite a challenge I can tell you. Trying to stay focused when in constant pain it is not easy.

Getting older comes with its challenges, lol and here is me thinking of getting older as " do I look ok in a particular outfit".  Meh, aches and pains lassie, aches and pains 😁

Still ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. So on wards and upwards girly 😁

Have a great week everyone

much love Alex