Thursday, 2 November 2017

Slinky Is Very Ill

To say I am devastated is an understatement. My son Christopher's  beloved cat Slinky has just been to the vet for a check up because he is not eating and not his usual self. He has taken to going out into the cat-run all day and all night, refusing to take his hyperthyroidism medication. Today I found out he has cancer in his intestines. He has weeks or months left.

Slinky has had 17 years of love and affection, but it is heart breaking to see him go down hill and in pain. He has been given pain killers  and anti inflammatory today and we have to monitor him day by day to see how he is going. I will keep everyone informed on how he is going.

He has been a huge part of our lives and such a lovely gentle soul. My son got Slinky from the RSPCA when he was  8 years old and Slinky was only 10 months old.  Slinky is such a gentle loving soul with the loudest pur and most loving nature.