Sunday, 26 May 2019

Dreaming Of Ruby Earrings

Last night I was dreaming of being in a jewellery shop with my husband. In the dream he was buying me gold earrings with either rubies or garnets in them. They were supposed to be a Christmas present for me.

I took out the little sapphire stud earrings that I was wearing and little diamond studs above them. I put in tiny ruby studs and gold stud earrings with rubies.
After that I took them out and put them in the box they came in.

Next thing I found myself all over the place, it was such a crazy dream (is there any other sort, lol) One minute I was walking through a shopping center with my husband and then I was back in my house. From that I was sitting in a car driving down the road  cautiously watching my speed limit and watching out for speed  cameras. This speed camera thing often pops up in my dreams.

I am a cautious sort of person and never take anything for granted. So the speed camera to me is strange other than at times I may feel that I have no control over life's circumstances and how they affect me.

The dream had a lot more things happening on a personal and spiritual level which I wont relay here.  The earrings were the focus of the dream for the message conveyed.

Earring symbolise wealth and prosperity. This does not always mean financial prosperity, the most valuable of all is spiritual prosperity.

Rubies in dreams symbolise happiness, adventure, spiritual enlightenment and overcoming problems.

Garnets in a dream symbolise order and calm. If given a garnet in a dream it means that person will help you find order in calm in your life.

It is a good idea to write down what you remember from a dream so that you do not forget the message given. The longer that you leave it the harder it is to recall.