Friday, 3 May 2019

Video 144: THE BIG PICTURE PART 9 || The Creation of the VOID aka the KHAA

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There are some interesting questions and answers worth taking note of about the difference between, souled, spirited beings, the artificial souls etc.

This is one of the most relevant things to understand. But still I ask you not to have a firm belief one way of the other. Keep an open mind and when you leave this current incarnation you will have a better understanding of what to do and where to go.

I do not accept the Orion Queen as a good guy, she has blood on her hands too and is still part of the Matrix problem. Much as I like Wes' work I do not agree with the Orion's being good guys. I feel they are asking us to take side, please do not go there. Wes is not Clairvoyant, so he cannot feel what I feel. I am telling you what I know from a Clairsentient perspective ( but remember that is from my perspective). Often I email Wes to say avoid such and such only to find out he has found out the hard way sadly. Time difference from being on the opposite side of the globe and events already happened.

It is not our fight to get involved between rival star beings and we become trapped yet again if we take sides. Remember the rulers can do as they please and are untouchable no matter what, everyone else is punished. How fair is that? No different to the 1% that we have here in our world, same poop just different shovel.

We still do not know what is out there after we get out of this universe, are the rest similar constructs?
What really are our options when out of this Universe? No one can tell us and channelled information cannot be trusted because it s heavily controlled by the controllers of the Matrix.

I used to be a channeler but did not trust the information and promptly stopped when I started to work out that it was not honest information, there is always an agenda and humans are naive in such matters. If you get into this channeling them you get sucked in and are fed lies. to keep you hooked on the entities every word. These beings can take control of your life without you really being aware of it. Not just that they take your energy and leave energy hooks in you to feed from and control you.

If you are in doubt of what I am saying then do your own research and avoid New Age information it is cult controlled for the gullible and naive on the spiritual quest. Read and watch Wes' works from the very start but read other credible researchers too. This information is not new and in fact as Wes has pointed out many times, it was written in many ancient texts down through the centuries.
Wes also has an extensive bibliography at the end of each article or level of learning. You can go and check these out for yourself.