Friday, 12 April 2019

Video 137: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 4 || Where are we Supposed to be ...

Notice Wes now is saying the same as me more or less. However I refuse to go to the Orion system and will not have anything to do with the "Sophia" or Queen. I do not feel comfortable about this being. I have said this in other posts that I have shared. Any information that is given to humanity comes via a filter system, I do not trust that filter system because it is still within the Matrix. Call me cautious but I will reserve my judgement until I am well rid of the Matrix and this universe.

I will work out what I want to do when I exit not just the Matrix but this universe. Only then will the soul understand and know more of it's purpose after exiting. Remember we have been lied to for millions of years by beings that are millions of years ahead of us in technology but not spiritually if they reside in this universe. We still do not know truth from lies no matter who tells us anything, no matter how old any ancient texts are.