Sunday, 7 April 2019

Top Cancer Researchers, Harvard, EPA Agree: Fluoride Causes Tumors, Lowers IQ

Gee how long did it take to work this out? They knew all of this in the 1930's hence giving it to POW's to keep them docile and after the war it was banned from use all over Europe.

People in the English speaking world have never really taken notice of this up until the 1990's and even then most people are unaware. Ask a dentist about Fluoride in any English speaking country and they will give you the blurb that they were told to say at Uni. Not one dentist that I have ever seen will read this information or question what they are taught.  Educated free thinking individuals they sure are not!

No-one  bothers to research anything that matters and that is the problem, they are all too lazy to think outside of what they are told.

I find when I meet European people they seem better educated and better informed  in general than the English speaking world in the past few years. Our education system has been dumbed down and politicised with leftist garbage, so is it any wonder people keep ignoring the clear and present danger in the English speaking world.